Eye Massager with Heat Eyes Massage Mask with Compression FSA/HSA Eligible Rechargeable Eye Massager for Dark Circles…

Amazon.com Price: $89.99 (as of 15/03/2023 23:05 PST- Details)

EYE TREATMENT WITH NO_DRUG: This eye compress offers safe, effective relief for your fatigued, irritated, itchy eyes by consistently releasing hydrating moist heat; Helps restore the eye’s natural defenses against tear evaporation with support and comfort
HEATING THERAPY: The unique microwave-actived moist heating compress conforms to the eye and face and provides effective uniform heat(98.6℉/104℉/109.4℉) that helps to relieve sourness and dryness from the eyes.
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Stop rubbing your dry, red eyes or excessively using over-the-counter eye drops for temporary relief. Now you have an alternative! OSITO eye massager helps refreshing your eyes.

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