Mend Your Mental The Original Chill Pill Sleep Aid Device, Compact Sleep Device for Stress, Panic Attacks, and Agitation… Price: $50.00 (as of 15/03/2023 23:08 PST- Details)

Eases Your Mind, Calms Your Body – Suffering from insufficient sleep and stress? By simply holding our Mend Your Mental Chill Pill in your palm, you can finally sleep better, have enhanced memory retention, and improved emotional stability.
Non-Ingestible Sleep Aid Technology – Using habit-forming remedies allows you to drift off quickly, but won’t actually help you reach REM sleep. With our Pulse Stimulation, you can optimize your sleep patterns and achieve deep, REM sleep every night.
Safe and Effective – Master your slumber without the long-term effects of sleeping pills or other chemicals! Our sleep bracelet is safe, non-toxi, and designed to be gentle on your skin even when you sleep with it tucked in your palm.

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