SNORE CIRCLE Smart Throat Anti Snoring Device Pro – Prevents Sleep Apnea & Stop Snoring, The Most Effective Snoring… Price: $129.00 (as of 15/03/2023 23:08 PST- Details)

【How it Works】After detecting snoring or sleep apnea, Snore Circle will apply the unique EMA+TENS physical intervention technology to automatically release physical intervention at 30 different levels from weak to strong depending on the users’ condition, this weak and harmless intervention the nerves under the chin and causes the tongue to move forward which stops snoring and sleep apnea and keeps breathing smooth and quiet. Your oxygen will recover to normal level.
【Using the APP】Download and use the Sleepplus APP for free on IOS and Android. Get essential insights into your sleep experience with the Sleeplus App. It records all sleeping activities, monitors the amount of times that you sleep apnea and snore, assesses the intensity and records the data for analysis that helps you better understand your condition and track improvements over time.
【Easy to Carry】Unlike many obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) devices on the market that are heavy, bulky and can be panic inducing, Snore Circle is ultra-lightweight, only 11.6g, unobtrusive, and easy to use. Just place the conductive strip and device under the chin when sleeping and you won’t even notice it. Truly comfortable, truly convenient.

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