SureFiz Pro, Innovative, Super Smart, Whole Body Analysis AI, Unique, WiFi Scale with Complete Weight Loss and Weight… Price: $249.99 (as of 14/03/2023 22:33 PST- Details)

✅COMPREHENSIVE AND HOLISTIC: SureFiz provides all the tools and help needed for weight loss and weight maintenance. Along with the unique features of SureFiz you also get your body metrics such as muscles, fats water, bones health, BMI, metabolic rate, protein, body type, and overall body score. It also advises you the number of calories intake to lose and maintain weight effectively.
✅ UNIQUE FEATURES: 1) For weight loss, SureFiz intelligently turns you desired weight goal into short-term goals and dynamically adjusts them. 2) As you step on the scale, you receive instant feedback along with your body composition analysis on your smart phone. 3) It provides an accountability circle of your friends and family. 4) The most advanced food intake analysis. Your meal intakes are translated into micronutrients with visual guidance.
✅TWO MODES OF WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: 1) Lose and Maintain: – For those who want to lose weight and then maintain their desired weight. 2) Maintain: – For those who want to use SureFiz to maintain their current weight.

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