6 Ways to Reconnect With your Husband

It’s not as hard as it seems! Don’t stress over reaching out to your husband. 


Do you ever feel like you and your husband are drifting apart? 


You’re not alone. 


According to a study by the National Fatherhood Initiative, fathers spend an average of just 2.5 hours per day with their children. 


That’s compared to the 7.3 hours mothers spend with their kids each day. What do all those missing hours mean for marriages? 


They can lead to a disconnection between spouses, decreased intimacy, and even a lower overall satisfaction with life. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to reconnect with your husband and strengthen your marriage! 


Here are a few suggestions:



1. Make a plan for the day


  • What are you going to wear today?


  • Who’s picking up the kids from school?


  • When is your next doctor appointment?


  • What time will your husband be home for dinner tonight?


  • What are we having for dinner? 


  • Where should we go out on our date night this week?


  • Wake up early enough to have breakfast with your husband.


  • Leave work or school at a reasonable hour so you can spend time together.


  • Spend one night out of the week cooking dinner for your husband and children.


  • Give each other back rubs after a long day’s work, if possible.


  • Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime, then read to each other before going to sleep.


  • Take turns doing chores around the house – it will make things less stressful on both of you!

2. Get dressed up


  • Dress up for him on a regular basis.


  • Wear lingerie more often.


  • Bring out the sexy side of you – wear something that shows off your body and makes you feel good about yourself!


  • Pay attention to his favorite colors and buy clothes in those colors or similar shades.


  • Try new hairstyles, makeup, and accessories to spice things up.


  • Plan romantic dinners with candles, flowers, music, etc., so he can see how much effort you put into making it special for him.


  • Wear something that he has never seen you wear before.


  • Take a selfie together and post it on social media with the caption “Date Night!” 


  • Spend time cooking dinner, baking cookies, or making breakfast in bed.


  • Watch a movie together while snuggling under blankets on the couch.

3. Meet him halfway on his favorite thing to do 


  • Find out what your husband’s favourite thing to do is, and then take a step forward.


  • Make it clear that you’re willing to try new things with him.


  • Suggest an activity that might be something he likes but doesn’t usually get time for.


  • Get creative! Think of some ideas (e.g., go fishing on the weekend) or ask friends and family members for their suggestions.


  • Be open-minded – if he asks you to do something you don’t like, tell him why it doesn’t work for you, but offer up an alternative idea instead.


  • If all else fails, make sure there are compromises in place before agreeing on anything


  • Go out with him and have fun!


  • Remember, this is about compromise – make sure you’re happy too! 


  • Afterwards, thank him for taking the time to come up with something you both enjoy doing together.

4. Cook together


  • Find a recipe that both of you like.


  • Make sure to read the whole recipe before starting and make any necessary changes.


  • Get all your ingredients together and set up the cooking space for easy access.


  • Cook in small batches instead of one big batch – this will help keep things organized and prevent food from getting cold or overcooked.


  • Keep an eye on how much time is left so you don’t burn anything or undercook something.


  • Have fun! Cooking can be a great way to spend time with your spouse, plus it’s delicious when it’s done right!

5. Play board games together


  • Play board games together with your husband.


  • Make a list of all the board games you own and divide them into two categories – those you like to play and those that are I played.


  • Take turns picking out a game from each category and then play it together for at least 30 minutes.


  • Get rid of any unplayed games after playing one or two rounds with your spouse, so there’s less clutter in the living room.


  • Try to remember what board games were played on which date, so you can look back on memories from past family nights.


  • If you want to spice things up, try creating a “best loser” rule where the player who lost has to do something silly as punishment (e.g., dance around while singing their favourite song)

6. Go on a date night once a month or more often if you can afford it!


  • Start by setting a date night once a month with your husband.


  • Choose an activity that you both enjoy – whether it’s going for dinner and drinks, taking in a movie or play, or enjoying some time at the museum.


  • Make sure to choose an activity that is new to both of you so that you can experience something new together.


  • If you want to try more than one date night each month, make sure they’re different from what you’ve done before.


  • Consider trying out activities like cooking classes, wine tasting tours, bowling lessons or other sports events as well as those mentioned above.


  • Plan for these dates ahead of time so that they don’t get lost among all the daily responsibilities and obligations we have in our lives today!




As a busy wife, you may not have time for date nights. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to reconnect with your husband that don’t involve going out!


Every morning before the day starts, sit down and make a plan for what will happen in the hours ahead. Maybe one day this week he’ll go grocery shopping while you take care of household chores like laundry or dishes? Or maybe tomorrow is his turn to do all the cooking while you work on homework with your kids at night?


 You might even want to mix it up by inviting him along when you run errands during the day or volunteering together as part of an organization close to both your hearts. 


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