The One-Minute Guide to Making the Most of Your Marriage

Here’s why it matters


It isn’t always easy to find time to spend with your spouse or partner. With busy careers, kids, and other commitments it can be hard!


But the time you do have together is important for both of you.


In this post I’ll talk about how you can make the most of that precious time by focusing on what matters most in your relationship.


I’ll also share some tips on how to get more quality time with them without feeling like a slave-driver!


So stay tuned where we will dive into topics such as date night ideas, ensuring you focus on what matters most in your marriage and more.


Spend time with her in the morning – coffee, breakfast, or just sitting together


  • Allow your wife to sleep in as long as she wants.


  • Wake up before her and make breakfast for the two of you.


  • Sit together on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea, reading books or watching TV.


  • Make a morning date – go somewhere that will be new and exciting for both of you.


  • Spend time talking about what’s going on in each other’s lives – share stories from work, hobbies, etc., and ask about any worries they might have had during the night.


  • Kiss them goodbye when it’s time to leave for work so they know how much you care about them.


Make your wife a priority and show her how much she means to you


  • Put down your phone.


  • Stop watching TV and spend time with her.


  • Send a love note to her at work or school.


  • Surprise her by cooking dinner for the both of you.


  • Take a walk together, just the two of you – no distractions allowed!


  • Go on a date night every weekend – it’s important to have special one-on-one time with each other even if it’s only for an hour or so each week.


Create date nights for just the two of you


  • Make a date night plan with your significant other.


  • Find something to do together that you both enjoy – it can be anything from going to the movies, cooking dinner together, or taking a walk in the park.


  • Keep the date nights short and sweet – they should last no more than 2 hours.

  • Schedule at least one date night every two weeks so you don’t forget about each other too often.

  • Remember that your partner is worth investing time into – show them how much they mean to you!


  • Have fun!


Be honest and open about what is going on in your life – good or bad


  • Be honest and open about what is going on in your life – good or bad.


  • It’s okay to be vulnerable with people you trust.


  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help when things get hard, it’s easier than doing everything yourself.


  • Take care of yourself by eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.


  • Have a support system that will help you through the tough times.

  • You are not alone; there are others who can relate to what you’re feeling.



Do things that don’t involve technology to spend quality time together


  • Take a walk together


  • Take a walk on the beach


  • Play board games or card games together


  • Bake cookies together and put them in the freezer for later.


  • Watch an old movie from your childhood that you both love


  • Cook dinner together and then enjoy it outside on your patio or deck with wine and candles lit.


Keep an eye out for little signs of affection from your wife that are easy to miss when she’s busy doing other things


  • Talk to her about what she wants for dinner.


  • Take care of the kids while she does something nice for herself.


  • Bring home flowers or a card randomly, without any occasion.


  • Put your phone down and give her 100% attention when you’re talking to her.

  • Make time every day to talk with each other – even if it’s just 10 minutes at night before bedtime.

  • Give up one thing that you love doing, like watching TV on the couch together, so that she can do something else that makes her happy.


  • Offer to take over an everyday chore so she doesn’t have to do it alone (e.g., cooking dinner)


  • Ask how your partner is feeling and really listen when they answer.


  • Compliment them often – not just their looks but also what they wear, how well they cook dinner, etc..


There are a lot of ways to keep your wife happy and satisfied. Spending time with her in the morning by having coffee, breakfast or just sitting together is a simple way that you can show her how much she means to you. Creating date nights for just the two of you will also help strengthen your bond as well. Be honest and open about what’s going on in your life – good or bad so there aren’t any surprises waiting for them when they get home from work.


Do things that don’t involve technology such as playing board games, cooking dinner together, taking walks around the neighbourhood etc., to spend quality time together during this busy season!




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